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Bringing Sefer Torah for a Zoom reading


Due to the Corona season our shuls are closed . My son is having his Bar Mitsva next week and we would like to know if we are allowed to bring a Sefer Torah from our shul to our home so my son can read from it for a zoom celebration , considering that we are not having a Minyan ?
I would apprecite an answer as soon as you can . Thank you


Unfortunately, the Corona virus has adversely affected many, and I’m sure that it isn’t easy on your son and for yourself that his Bar Mitzva is not what it was expected to be. Moving a sefer torah is not permitted if it isn’t in order to read it for a proper minyan. Additionally we can not use Zoom on Shabbos. Therefore try to work on alternate plans. You might want to consider having his Bar Mitzva celebration in a few weeks, in shul and then he will be able to read from the Torah. Although he would have to prepare a different part, and he might not be able to prepare that much, nevertheless he can still have it then. Then he will have a real celebration, even though it isn’t on the actual day of his Bar Mitzva. Personally my Bar Mitzva was a little before Pesach, and for various reasons, the celebration, including the kiddush and the reading of the torah were close to a month later.

Additionally, let keep the main part of the Bar Mitzva in mind, and H-shem should help him that he should grow to be a talmid chacham, yirei shomayim and have good middos.

Have a good Shabbos

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