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Halacha of ancient enemy commerce


Dear Rabbi,

If Greece has been an ancient enemy of the holy land and has invaded too many times, why is the color of our modern Israeli flag blue and white? Should we not ask that and wonder the place of the naturei karta who may be a note in history of why this glad glad flag is not glad enough for humor today?

Why not ask around? Would an orange and white motif the same or else be better? A land of milk and honey represented by “blue”? Nasty. Why not orange where the sun has a funny warm feeling. It must be warm to grow the produce that makes the land holy.

So shalom. Why are we at so much war? Could color be the only comment? I am a younger generation and I say look at it.



My understanding is that the blue strips on  the flag are to make it look like a tallis. Although the tallis worn by orthodox Jews has black strips, but they choose to use the ones that the conservative etc. use, with blue strips. The decision had nothing to do with Greece.

Best wishes

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