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Halacha of hired houseworkers


Dear Rabbi,

Unless man can find a male house worker which I propose can be ever possible, mostly women clean homes.

If a man is a bachelor in his own home, can he hire a woman and are there stipulations upon yichud if he is to be in the home?


A single male having a female house worker can definitely be an issue of yichud, while she is there, There are a number of option to “break the yichud”, and the feeling of being secluded. Either the front door should be left open, or if there is a woman that is also in the home at the time. Another option is if the are other people that are meant to come to the home at the time that she is there, or if applicable, to ask someone to just pop in once in a while, that would also break the yichud. See if any of these options will work for you. If not, let me know.

Best wishes

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