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Iska and a debt


Shalom, I lent someone with a signed shtar (no
aidim) money years ago. He does not deny the loan or terms thereof. He has been paying iska over the past 30 years or so. Recently he decided he has paid enough iska (no reason given) and wants to pay out the loan – gradually. The iska was paid up as of 1 year ago but not since. Should this be handled in a din Torah or borerus and if the latter, can the besidin appoint a borrer? It should be known the borrower has given money to the kollel of the BD in the past and I’m ok with that if the BD is as well. The shtar says that Rav Fleishman’s BD would adjudicate if there was a dispute. The shtar we used is from
The toveah is in EY and the nitba is overseas.
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You can call the Bais Din at 02-502-3637. You can also leave them a message.

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