May one use neighbour or someone else Wifi if they don’t know about it. It has a password but the person finds it out. Do we say theres no loss ( I don’t think that there is extra cost). Are we worried it might slow it down?

I think this is a great chosen mishpat Shaile. Please advise.
Thank You!


This is a very good question. Unauthorized use of someone else’s internet has a number of issues to it. First of all it may simply be illegal, as there are some states i.e Florida, Pennsylvania) where it is in fact illegal. This would prohibit the use because of dina d’malchusa. Even in states where there is no specific legislature against it, it still does slow down the users speed, which would be stealing his use of his product. This in fact is why people’s Wifi comes with a lock, so others should not be able to use it without permission.

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