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Late maariv


Dear Rabbi,

Due to health, some days I may sleep the evening until after 11pm. Is there a time top late to do maariv?

If I am up all night, besides the bedtime shema, is there other ways to daven if we are on odd shift schedules?

When is Hallel or Mussar made? Should I perform these at home?

Thank you.


Although it is ideal to daven Ma’ariv at the beginning of the night particularly chatzot (halachic midnight), nevertheless one may daven maariv until daybreak. If however one one was an “ones”, that he couldn’t daven earlier, he may even daven until right before sunrise.

If a person is at home, (like all of us at this time), he may say Hallel and Mussaf at home.

Best wishes


Shulchan Aruch O:CH 235-3, M:B 29.

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