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Chometz after pesach


I purchased a jar of DECAFF coffee (with a Pesach hecsher) about 2/3 weeks after Pesach from a store that did not sell its Chometz. Is that an issue ? Can the DECAFF coffee be used ?


Decaffeinated coffee needs to have Kosher for Passover certification, and if it does, then it is Kosher for Pesach and does not contain chometz at all. Therefore it may be used even though the store owner didn’t sell his chometz.

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  1. You write that decaf coffee needs a kosher for pesach certification. does that mean if it was not certified you would have to be choshesh for chametz sheavar alav hapesach?

    1. No, I was merely answering his question, even if it didn’t have a hechsher, the chances that it actually has chometz in it is very slim, and after Pesach it is permitted to use.

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