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Sefira After Alos Hashachar


Are there any deios that one can count with a bracha after even after alos as long as its before nets?


Not that I know of. There are opinions in the Rishonim that even by day we count with a bracha, but that is not the halacha, see O:CH 469-7). If you are asking because right now it is after alos, you should count without a bracha. Even if there are such deios, it would be a safek,  and safek brachos l’hokel and you wouldn’t make the bracha.

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  1. Thank you. When i got done saying the kpitlach etc and lshem yichud before by the time i got to. the bracha it may have been 30seconds/a min after the “last”alos. But i did say a bracha (perhaps in error) so i was curious.

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