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A hefsek after saying shema al ha-mita


If you have a hefsek after saying shema al ha-mita, Rav Chaim Kanievsky says not to say bircas ha-mapil again. I think this is because there is a machlokes whether one should and sufek brachos l’hakel. Would this also mean that one shouldn’t say asher yatzar after using the bathroom due to the same machlokes/sufek? Thank you


Your reasoning has validity, and what you are saying could be true. On the other hand the two sfeikos are not exactly the same. What R’ Chaim shlit”a was talking about is to resay the bracha, when many poskim say that it doesn’t have to be said again, because talking out doesn’t invalidate the first bracha, therefore don’t say the bracha when you may not have to.  On the other hand regarding saying Asher Yotzar, someone used the bathroom, now he has a clear obligation to say Asher Yotzar, on the other hand it could be that saying it will hurt the hamapil that he already said, and it is a shaila which idea overrides the other. In fact post poskim say that one should say Asher Yotzar.  See the following link regarding saying asher yotzar after hamapil and

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