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1. Can Sephardic celebrate Lag BaOmer on the 33rd day, or are supposed to wait until the 34th day of the Omer?

2. If supposed to wait, would mourning practices be lifted for someone Sephardic for the 33rd and 34th day or just 34th day?

3. Do we go back to mourning practices on the 35th day of the Omer, or there is no more restrictions for Sephardic for the rest of that years Omer count?

4. And (thank you!) do we ever count a “50th day” of the Omer since it is Shavuot, or we conclude with 49 and on Shavuot we do not count 50 in anyway…?
I really appreciate your help, thanks!


  1. The Minhag of Sefarim and Ashkenazim is to celebrate Lag Baomer
  2. The minhag of the Sefardim is not to take a haircut or get married until the 34th of the Omer in the morning. However Music in the honor of R’ SHimon Bar Yochai is permitted from the 33rd at night.
  3. The basic minhag of the Sefardin is that from Lag Baomer the aveilus customs are lifted, however there are those who do according to the Arizal and keep the aveilus minhagim until erev Shavuos O:CH 493-2,
  4. We count 7 weeks- 49 days, and the 50th day, which is Shavuos we don’t count.

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O:CH 493-2,

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