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Opinion of the MB on drinking or speaking about something important after shema al ha-mita


Can you help me understand the words of the MB in simun 239, 4.

First, the MB says if you want to drink and speak about something important, it is motur, so long as you repeat the paragraph of shema afterwards.
Then, the MB says however if you have already said the bracha ha-mapil, “be careful” with this, because it will be an interruption between the bracha and sleeping.

Does “be careful” mean this is assur or just one should try to avoid this but bdi-eved if you need to drink/ speak about something important, it is ok? Hope the question is clear.

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The Piskei Teshuva 239 at the end of ftnt. 17 wants to say like you are saying, that when the Mishna Berura says ” be careful” he doesn’t mean that it is indeed assur, rather that when possible one should be careful, but in a case of need it is permitted. On the other hand see Doleh Umashke pg. 140 that it  seems that Horav C. Kanievsky shlit”a is machmir that it is assur, however this could be because the Chazon Ish holds not to say Asher Yotzar after hamapil, and it could be that he is not saying it in the Mishna Berura. There are numerous other poskim that disagree with the Chazon Ish on this, and it could be that this is why the MIshna Berura didn’t write unequivocally that it is assur. See the following links and

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