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GUTA VOCH and GOOD HEALTH BEZRAT HASHEM. Where in ALOKAY NAZUR is a proper place to make personal requests? The best place. IS IT BEFORE LMON SHMECHA or before YEHU LARAZON, or after? BE ELABORATE as to the best place. THANK YOU.


Thank you for your question.

Where exactly in Elokay Nitzor is the best place for a person’s personal tefillos is not clear. Elokay Nitzor is said after Shmona Esrei, and essentially is a mixture of the tefillos of various Amoraim, what they said after they davened Shmona Esrei. Therefore essentially you can insert you personal tefilloh wherever you like. There are seforim that use a terminology of before saying yehiyu lirazton (see Ishei Yisroel 23-57), and it could be that that has a preference instead of saying it in middle of the nusach of the other tefillos, however it isn’t clear. On thing is clear, that the tefillos should be said before saying the yehiyu liratzon that is said before taking the three steps back and not after it, because after saying that yihiyu liratzon technically we have finished Shmona Esrei.

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