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Tevilas Keilim


Yesterday, my wife received 2 glass pots that were ordered online. Before I had a chance to “sell the Keilim to a Non-Jew” (as we are not allowed to use Mikvaos yet), she cooked a couple of dishes. I did not partake of the food. Once I “sell” the pots, what happens to the food? Thanks.


You are allowed to partake in the food, because even if someone did use am un-toveled utensil, the food is still permitted to eat. After you validly “sell” the pot to a gentile, the food will still be kosher, because it was cooked by a Jew. Additionally you can also be mafkir the pots in front of three Jews, even over the phone etc. to reliquish ownership of the pots

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Rema Y:D 120-16.

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