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Boiling water for (iced) tea


I am new to keeping a kosher kitchen and have a question: If I want to boil water to make tea, and I boil the water in a dairy pot (I don’t have a parev pot), do I have to drink the tea only with dairy? what if I put the tea in the fridge in a glass carafe?

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Congratulations on this important journey! Please feel free to ask anything that you need. This is what we are here for!

My assumption is that you would like to know the Ashkenazi (European) custom (minhag).

According to the Ashkenazi custom, food that was cooked in a dairy pot is not eaten together with meat itself, however it may be eaten right after eating meat. Therefore you cn have the tea, since you are not eating it together with the meat, but only afterwards.

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Rema Y:D 95-2, It should be noted that this is even if the dairy pot was used for dairy the same day as the hot water was cooked (called a ben yomo- meaning the the pot was used that day). If the pot was not used that day for dairy (called aino ben yomo) then the halacha is a little more lenient, and if the water was already cooked in the pot, it may be eaten even with meat, however we should not cook the water with the intention to eat it with meat.See Chochmas Adom 48-2.

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