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Gomel on zoom


  1. Can gomel be said on zoom?
  2. Also, are there any sources that the reason gomel needs 10 men is because of pirsum hanes?


1.  Unfortunately we can not say hagomel over Zoom, because it has to be said specifically in the presence of ten men. Although you may have ten men hearing you say it, in specifically needs a minyan. Hagaon R’; Asher Weiss shlit”a has ruled (See attached Kuntris pg סד or 79) that if indeed you will be able to daven and say hagomel in front of a minyan within 30 days of when you are all better (blood test confirmation or from when you feel all better), then you should wait. However if  it is going to already b 30 days from when you recovered then you should do in over zoom. H-shem will help us that in the near future we should be able to have minyonim again.

2. The source for this is the Gemora Kesuvos 7b, and it is learnt from the posuk ‘וירוממוהו בקהל עם וכו, that the bracha has to be said in front of ten men, (including the person saying the bracha). See O:CH 219-3.

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