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Bridal Veil


I recently saw a question asked on your site about a bridal veil not being required at a second wedding- is it required al pi halacha at a first wedding?
I got married a few years ago, and while i had a veil and had a bedekin, between the bedekin and the chuppah, i lifted it and forgot to put it back down for the chuppah ceremony.
I know it’s customarily worn for modesty reasons, but is there any halachic ramifications for not having it covering my face through the chuppah ceremony?


Have no fear you are married and the fact that you face wasn’t covered did not effect the validity of your marriage. One of the reasons for the badekin is because there are opinions that that is chuppah, and to symbolize that the husband is “covering” her and taking her “under his wings”, which was done. Therefore there are no ramifications due to what happened.

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Bach E:H 61-1

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