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“Sit in beth midrash alone”


Dear Rabbi

I hope that everything is healthy at yours, as well as your mishpoche.

Allegedly Hagaon M’vilna had been sitting in Beth Midrash alone. Maybe you have a link or a tip, what that means for me? I like the perush [of good perushim (shel fear ve ahava of heaven] way.

A soon response would be very nice as a Rav and local leader have offered me a beth midrash to learn in.

Thank you.

All the best.
Stay completely healthy.


B”H all is well here, and we daven that it should stay that way. I hope that things are well for you and your mishpacha as well.

It is known that the Vilna Gaon for the large part learnt by himself, however this is not the norm of most gedolim, because most people need a chavrusa, a shiur or at least a Rebbe to assist the in their torah learning and spiritual growth. It would be even more so for other people. It is hard for me to answer you personally, because I don’t know who you are, and what your situation is. Therefore all I can give you is to state the general direction of most people.

Best wishes, siyata d’shamya and good health

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