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Drinking water and bracha achrona


I have a brachos shaila. It arises in the following situation…

I am drinking water throughout the morning. At some point I may eat some other food like a chocolate or salad that is mechayev me a borei nefashos. M’stama I wouldn’t have said a borei nefashos on the water until some hours after eating the chocolate.
The question is what to do about the borei nefashos for the chocolate… if I don’t say it and wait for the borei nefashos on the water, it won’t apply to the chocolate and I would have missed a bracha achrona. If i say it immediately, I will cause a bracha sh’aino zricha (i.e. to say shehakol to keep drinking water). What do you recommend?
My analysis has at least two hanachos: 1) water cannot drag out the zman ikul on the chocolate 2) my bracha achrona on the chocolate will also “cover” the water, hence making me chiyav in another shehakol.

Thanks for your help. Kol tov


Interesting question, because now you have two conflicting issues. In consultation with R’ Stitzberg shlit”a, author of Sharei Habracha, he said that in this case is to make a bracha achrona after eating the chocolate, and he should not drink water for the next little while. This way he was also mafsik from the drinking, and later on he will make another bracha on the new water that he will drink. He uses this idea for a different instance, see Sharei Habracha Chap. 14 ftnt 58.

As a side point, we may only say the bracha achrona until “shiur ikul” as long as we feel satisfied from the food that we ate. After drinking, we may say the bracha achrona only until we are thirsty again (See Sharei Habracha 14-32). Therefore even if you plan on drinking or sipping water all day and don’t have to make another bracha rishona, however when you are thirsty again, you can no longer make a bracha achrona on the first water that you drank (See O:CH 184-5, Pischei Techuvos 184- 10). Therefore the best thing is to drink a reviis and then make a bracha achrona, and when you want to drink again, make another bracha. If that is the case, then your question will not really be applicable.

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