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What is Better Tefillah Btzibbur or Vasikin


If I have an option – either to daven Tefillah Kvasikin without a minyan or Tefillah Btzibbur later which is the better course of action?


According to numerous poskim, it is better to daven later with a minyan then to daven vasikin without a minyan. However a person that always davens vasikin, that doesn’t have minyan is allowed to daven without the minyan.


See Biur Halacha 58-1 D:H Mitzva who writes that a person that is careful to daven vasikin is allowed to daven b’yichidus in order to daven t the right time. Maaseh Rav 25,  Kovetz Teshuvos 1-15, Haelef Lecho Shlomo O:CH 47, Avcnei Yoshpe (Tefilla) 4-1, Hatefilla K’hilchoso 3-30. also see ftnt. 64 in the name of R’ S.Z. Auerbach zt”l that even if he davens vasikin regularly on Erev Rosh Chodesh that he can daven without a minyan then. On the other hand see Shut Pri Yitzchok 2, Maaseh Ish 3 pg. 157.

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