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Money received for Yom Tov expenses


  1. Someone gave me money for Yom Tov expenses. (He gave me more than necessary, especially since I ate out by some of the meals.) May I spend whatever is left over on other things (including future Shabbos expenses, seforim, or other things?
  2. Do I have to give maaser from the present?



  1. If there is left over money, we can assume that he doesn’t mind if you use it for the next week’s expenses, or other things, unless he says  that he wants it to be used specifically for Yom Tov expenses.
  2. Money that is given to someone to use for whatever they want, is considered his money, and he is obligated to give maaser from it. However in your situation, if people are giving you money for your Yom Tov expenses., they most probably think that you are eligible to receive tzedakah, which means that your financial situation is not stable. If the is the case then you wouldn’t have to give maaser at all, therefore you wouldn’t have to give from this money either.

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B’orach Tzedakah 3-4, 9-35.

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