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In Israel. Candle to light Friday night candles at end of Shavuot blew out


One day (Thursday night and Friday) Chag Shavuot. Friday night & Saturday are Shabbat.
We lit a big candle to light the Friday night candle for Shabbat. That candle for lighting Friday night candles blew out during Thursday night (after the candles for Chag had burned out) and we were sleeping.

There is no source for a Kosher light in the block of flats. The stairs for Shabbat use are extremely windy (especially when the doors open) AND we know from experience of attempting to give a light to a neighbouring block that it proved impossible despite numerous attempts.

Does the Wife of the household have to light additional candles in future? We are Askenazim.


She does not  have to light an extra candle from now on. The reason being, that this fine that a woman who misses lighting candles must light an extra one from then on only applies if she was negligent and forgot to light, however here that was just not the case. Therefore she does not have to light any extra candles from now on.


O:CH 263-1 M:B 253-7.

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