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Minyan in shul now during Covid19


Hello I am wondering what to do regarding minyan. At this point, the shuls are more open. However, I am extremely concerned regarding this because it seems more to me that with the opening there are spikes in the numbers of infections and that a large part of their re-opening is due to either public or private pressure as opposed to there really being a qualitative difference in the health concerns. While there are shuls that are practicing and enforcing a policy of social distancing I am still not comfortable with it.

I prefer to daven at home now without a minyan than to daven in a shul. I would daven with an outdoor minyan but it is becoming harder to find them. What would your opinion be regarding this?


There is definite validity to what you are saying, however this is something that you have to discuss with the local Rabbonim, as they know the local situation.

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