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Ripping kriyah at the kotel


  1. Do some/all poskim allow ripping kriyah at the kotel on the same garment on multiple visits?
  2. Do some/all poskim allow more than one person to rip kriyah at the kotel on the same garment?


  1. It is permitted to rip the same garment at the Kosel numerous times, the same way it is permitted to rip for more than one relative on the same garment. The second rip however should be a few inches away from the first rip. I am not aware of anyone who says that you can’t do this.
  2. More than one person can rip on a garment, however the person ripping the garment has to own it, therefore it has to be given to him before it is used for ripping. Additionally, the obligation to rip applies on what the person is wearing at the time that the Kosel/ Yerushalayim is seen. Therefore the person should don the shirt being used to rip before seeing the Kosel. If someone wants to use a shirt to rip, and then give it to his friend who is not yet obligated to rip, (i.e. he hasn’t yet seen the Kosel), that is fine.

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