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Hi. I know that there is a din that the Tefillin shel rosh must be behind the hairline, but does that mean that all of the shel rosh must be behind the hairline? Meaning if you have a sort of V-shaped hairline or wavy one, must you make sure that the shel rosh is entirely behind the hairline, or is it good enough if just part of it is?
and are there any mekoros for this
Thank you so much

The place that we have to put the Tefillin, is on the part of the head that it is normal for hair to grow from there, but it doesn’t specifically have to be in the hair itself. If this part of the head is where others hairline starts from, then that it the correct place to put the Tefillin (otherwise what should a bald man do?). If you have doubt exactly where it is, you can move the Shel Rosh back a little bit, just to be sure.

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O:CH 27-9 M:B 33.

Thank you for getting back to me. The only thing is, that by a bald man he originally had hair there and I am talking about a place where hair never grew. Another thing is that the Mishna Berurah says that if the maavarta is even a tiny bit over the hairline, you are not yotzei, and everyone is different in that respect


Please let me explain what I meant. The Tefillin has to go in the place on the head that normally has hair, therefore even if someone’s hairline isn’t straight, since the part that doesn’t have hair is part of the head that normally does have hair, it is considered the place for the Tefillin  Daas Noteh 3-311 ftnt. 447

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  1. Regarding a receding hairline, one places his tefillin where his hairline once was. If you look closely in a mirror one can see where hair once grew and find that edge between the former hairline and forehead.

    Regarding the V shaped hairline, AKA, a widow’s peak, as stated, the tefillin can rest up to the top of the V, which is the point where the hairline on a person with a regular person would be.

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