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Does issur kol isha include speaking?


Does one need to be chosheh for this gemara- נשדר ליה מר שלמא לילתא א”ל הכי אמר שמואל קול באשה ערוה

If a woman was offered a job recording stories for children with the possibility that men will also hear her speaking voice (no singing), is it better that she not do it l’chatchila even if it’s not technically ossur?


The Rema (O:CH 75-3) paskens that the regular talking of a woman is not ervah, and the Mishna Berura 75-18) says that it is permitted unless someone specifically wants to enjoy her voice. There are Poskim that say that when a woman is given a speech and she is trying to make her voice pleasant  etc. that it is included in this, however most poskim don’t differentiate. Therefore if you want you can mention at the beginning of the recording, or print it on the cover of the disk that is being sold that this recording is not meant for men to listen to.

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