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Recording Hair course


I purchased a Jewish online hair stylist course for apx $700. . It features about 12 instructional videos. Once each video is open to watch it lasts for a total of 3 days. I knew before hand that it doesn’t last for longer than 72 hours. I assumed it was okay to record it for myself ONLY, to be able to refresh my memory later on. When I asked her after purchasing she said she doesn’t let record. I know I trust myself not to show others. What is the halacha to record and watch later on to refresh my memory? Am I allowed to record this for future reference since this is the only way the course will work for me.


She specifically said that she doesn’t allow to record the classes, therefore you are not allowed to. I would suggest that you speak to her and explain it to her that this is the only way it would work for you, and that you will not under any circumstances give it out to anyone else. May be she will then agree. As a side point, if she doesn’t allow it,  you could ask her what are you supposed to do so you can remember the lessons

May H-shem send you a lot of parnassa

Best wishes

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