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lashon hara?


Thank you so much for your help, it is sincerely appreciated.
If a father asks daughter 1 if she spoke with daughter 2 and daughter 1 says no, is that speaking lashon hara against the other daughter? There is not ill will, but maybe the father could interpret it as the siblings not speaking enough? (I did say something like “I didn’t speak with her today, but we did speak recently…”) Is this lashon hara? (I’m still trying to learn the laws…)
Thank you!


Your doing great. Keep on learning and growing. Lashon hora is when someone says something about someone else that is damaging, whether it is financially or it hurts someone’s reputation or insulting etc. From what you are describing it doesn’t sound like this would be lashon hora, if the reason the father is asking is to make sure that his children keep up with each other. If however it is bring asked to detect if something malicious was done, what would be different.

Best wishes

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