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Taharas Mishpacha during Postpartum time


Hi Rabbi,

I am 7 weeks postpartum and have already visited the mikveh. During this postpartum time, what are the rules? How do I know if I need to make a bedikah?


Mazal Tov.

The nidda halachos when a woman is postpartum are basically the same. If you stain you would make a bedikah with the same guidelines as usual. After getting your first period though, you will start a new calculation regarding vestos, as any previous vest sheino kvuah would have been passed cleanly during your pregnancy. These calculations will be like a  vestos shaino kavuah, as for right now you are considered a woman that doesn’t really have periods. Therefore you will keep day 30, the Yom Hachodesh, and haflagos after that. If your periods will become a veses kavuah, speak to your local Rov.

Best wishes and you should have a lot of nachas from your new baby.


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