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Ripping Kriah at the Kotel after watching through web cam


I am anxious to return to Eretz Yisroel when the Carona saga will finally allow it. To keep up my enthusiasm I have been watching the kotel on the kotel web camera. Will I be required to rip kriah upon my return being that I have consistently been seeing the kotel?


It is wonderful that you are making sure to keep up your feelings of coming back to Yerushalayim, this is what H-shem wants and this is what we daven for everyday (just for the real Yerushalayim with a Bais Hamikdash etc). IY”H you will be able to come back to Eretz Yisroel in the near future and be able to visit the Kosel again, but I think that you would have to rip when seeing it. The reason is that although we have advanced technology nowadays, seeing the Kosel is not like being there, therfore you should rip when you see it again… in the near future.

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  1. Horav Nebenzahl Shlita writes in his sefer on Bein Hamitzarim that one is obligated to tear kriah if one sees the makom hachurbon live even after seeing it ” derech tzilum chai” within 30 days.

    1. Thank you for the mareh makom. Can you please let me know where exactly he writes it?

  2. In the Sefer Yerushalayim B’moadeha on Bein Hametzarim on the 246 page.

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