Hi, if there is a daled in front of Hashem’s name, is it pronounced like a shin ,da- ado…or like a beis, ba-do, thank you so much.


The general rule regarding letters that precede H-shem’s name is מ-ש-ה מוציא, ו-כ-ל-ב מכניס . Meaning that if the letter preceded H-shem’s name is either מ’  or ש’ or  ה’, such as  הלי’, then the letter ה’ is accentuated and read as a syllable of it’s own. However when the letters  ו-כ-ל-ב come before H-shem’s name then we don’t pronounce it as a syllable of its own.  Can you please tell me where you have such a word?




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2 Responses to “Pronunciation of daled in front of Hashem’s name”

  1. I believe in Aramaic; see in U’va le’tzion, after baruch kevod.

    • Correct, the rule applies to Hebrew, not Aramaic

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