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Shared DrinkMate carbonator; can it be used if previously used with non-kosher beverages?



I got your email but could not reply to that address.

The DrinkMate is built with a CO2 bottle inserted in the machine. There is a special bottle that drinks to be carbonated are poured into; the top has a plastic straw that extends into the liquid. The bottle is then placed into a slot in the machine and, when a button is pressed, carbonation from the CO2 bottle is forced under pressure into the liquid. The bottle can then be removed and the liquid poured out. Thank you for letting me know if there are kashrus concerns in this regard.


Now I understand your question better.

If the bottle used to store the drink stores non kosher drinks ( assuming that they are not hot), you would only have to make sure that the bottle is clear of any oil or residue from the non kosher drinks that were put into it beforehand. Additionally don’t use the machine for any hot drinks.

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