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Adding oil to cholent on shabbos


I like my cholent with lots of oil in it. By the time the seudah comes on Shabbos my cholent isn’t as oily as I would like it. My question is that am I able to take the cholent off the blech, pour in more oil and then put it back on to the blech? The cholent is fully cooked. I would only want to add in oil for the taste, not to cook it more.


Add a lot of oil to your cholent before Shabbos, because on Shabbos itself you may not add any oil to the pot, even if it is off the blech. The reason is because you are then cooking the oil by putting it into a kli rishon. Even if you don’t mean to cook the oil that is what you would be doing. If you are still afraid that your cholent will dry out of oil on Shabbos here is an option, (not that your cardiologist will agree to this). Cook up some oil before Shabbos, and leave it on the blech together with your cholent. Then, if you see that it is drying out, you can pick up the cholent pot, and pour more of the hot cooked oil into it. After pouring in the oil  you should not mix the oil in, because you are putting the pot back on to the blech (but you can daven that it gets absorbed into the cholent).

Have a good Shabbos


O:CH 318-4, Rema 318-18, M:B 113.

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