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Can taxes be subtracted from my income regarding maaser?


What is subtracted from the amount of tzedaka you should pay? Are expenses subtracted? Tax?
Assuming that expenses are subtracted, would a fee paid to an accountant to file your taxes count as an expense?


Expenses that a business has, which are needed for the running of the business are not considered profit, rather part of the investment in order to make the money. Therefore rent, utilities, employees’ wages, the businesses property taxes, are all deducted from the total earned regarding maaser. Income tax can also be deducted, because that money is not considered earned at all. Paying an accountant to file your taxes can also be subtracted as a business expense.

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Chavas Yair 224, Igros Moshe Y:D 143, Borach Tzedakah 12-10,17.

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