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Infusion of taste through soaking


If you left parev liquid in a milky bowl, does the liquid become milky? Would it make a difference if the liquid was hot or cold?
Thank you very much


It shouldn’t be done if you are planning to eat it with meat, but in retrospect, the pareve food that was soaked in the milky bowl will not become milky. This is because it has to soak in the bowl for 24 hours, and by that time the milky bowl is no longer a ben yomo.

This would apply even if the liquid was hot, the reason being, that the bowl is not more than a kli sheini, and even if it will give over some taste, it will only be a slight amount and would be botil in the liquid that is inside it. Additionally, many poskim say that b’dieved we say that a kli sheini doesn’t give off taste. Therefore the main absorption would only be after 24 hours.


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