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Cut onion with meaty knife and cooked in pareve pan


I cut an onion with a meaty knife. And then cooked it in a parev pan (with minimal oil). I realised before the onion got too hot – i was able to touch it… so perhaps it wasn’t yad soledos bo but that is a sufek.

What is the status of the onion and the pan?

Thank you


The onion is meaty, since it was cut with a meaty knife. Regarding the pan, since you don’t know if it did indeed get hot enough to make the pan fleishig, we can assume that the pan stayed the way it was until now, and it is still pareve. However if you want, it is better to do a small hagalah on the pan. Clean off the area that the onions were on, fill that part up with water and bring it to a boil.

Best wishes



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