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Asking a borrower for my money


4 years ago I lent someone a lot of money for a period of 10 months. When I ask him 10 months later he told me that he was taking in by a scheme a lost the money. He said he will work to pay me back.
Over the 4 years at one point he paid me back a little per month until he stop because he said he couldn’t but said he has plans to continue in the following months and he hopes to pay me back in full.
The last time I ask him was other 3 months ago and he said that he is owed money from someone else and he is planning to get checks for that person with in the month and he would start paying me from that.
Since then I’ve not received or heard from him.

My question is, is it considered lo yigos if I reach out and ask him what’s happening and if he has any update for me.
I know the איסור of אל תהיה נושה is very clear in that one isn’t even allowed to walk near the לוה but what if by me not asking he thinks I forgot about it and will not come forward to tell me when he has the money?


The prohibition not to demand your money back, is only if the person who borrowed the money doesn’t have from where to pay the money back. If he does, or he can get the money you may ask him. According to what he told you that other people owe him money, so you can ask him. Additionally even if you don’t know if he has the money or not you are allowed to ask.

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Shevet Hskehosi 1-337-(1)

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