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Nefillat apaim when davening outside


In order to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19, we have moved our davening from the sanctuary of the synagogue to an outside area in which the Succah is constructed during the Succot. The open area is behind the sanctuary and adjacent to the social hall. We have sifrei torah in the aron in the sanctuary and in the beit midrash, but none are visible from the new area of the minyan. Is that close enough to include nifillat apaim, or should we instead stand during tachanun?

Thank you.


We only do nefilas apayim if we can see the Aron Hakodesh that has a sefer torah inside it. If you can see the Aron Hakodesh from where you are davening then you can do nefilas apayim, but if you can’t then you would say tachanun regularly. Regardless, tachanun or nefilas apayim is said while sitting,

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O:CH 131-2, M:B 131-13

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