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Eating ice cream after wine


When I eat a seuda with wine and ice cream, do I make a bracha on ice cream even though I already made hamotzi as well as hagofen?

Would it be better to make a bracho on the ice cream before the wine?


It is controversial if wine, which exempts all liquids from a bracha, will include ice cream, which is a liquid that froze or not. Some poskim consider it a liquid, (it’s original natural form) and others consider it a solid, (its present form). Being that we don’t know what to do, essentially we wouldn’t make a bracha on it, in line with the rule safek brachos l’hakel. What would be preferred to do, is to make a shehakol on the ice cream or some other shehakol, before you wash your hands for the meal, and have in mind to exempt the bracha of the ice cream. (This will also help for the issue of hamotzei exempting dessert).

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