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Followup to a previous shaila



I’d like to clarify that your response to #56724 refers to both of my 2 questions that I asked over here - – rather than to just the second question.

Furthermore, does it make a difference that the boys’ parents don’t know (in the first case:) that I used the watergun without permission and (that in the second case that) I used some soap without permission?

Also, does it make a difference in either cases whether the boy was bar mitzvah and a bar da’as at the time?

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It wouldn’t matter, if we will rely on the fact that it was really the parents.

If you can contact the camper, and say it in a roundabout way, that your not sure but just in case you used his shampoo or broke his water gun that you want to ask him mechila. This will make it less awkward. If this can’t be done, there is another option, give some money to a public cause,  that might benefit these two people, such as the local hatzolah, or a local shul, give Siddurim to a local shul, so that it is possible that they will benefit from the donation that you gave.

Best wishes

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  1. maybe take off the guys name from the email. its a little embarrassing.

    1. Thank you for pointing out the oversight

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