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Meat utensil in dairy pot


We accidentally used a meat utensil (silicone) in a dairy pot to make macaroni and cheese; the hot food was then placed in ceramic bowls. I believe that I need to kasher the pot and no longer use the silicone utensil for food, but do I need to do anything with the bowls?


If the meat utensil was not used for hot meat within 24 hrs. prior to being used in the dairy pot, then everything is fine except for the meaty utensil. The pot would not have to be kashered because the meaty utensil in retrospect did not make the pot or the food trief. Therefore you can eat the macaroni and use the pot and the ceramic bowls. The silicone utensil can not be used, and it can also not be kashered, as silicone is not a material that we can kasher.

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