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is my oven still parve?


Hello Rabbi,
I appreciate your time taking my question. I have an oven that I’ve kept parve by double wrapping all dairy and meat items. on Wednesday, I baked hamburgers forgetting to cover them. The oven was on the standard 350 degrees. I didn’t have any spills, and there did not seem to be any splatters during baking. Is my oven still considered parve, or do I need to do something to kasher it, and if yes, what would that entail?

Thank you,


There is controversy about this. The best thing is look to clean it out, or make sure there is no gook on the walls or ceiling,  then put it on to the highest temperature for about half an hour.

Best wishes



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  1. thank you for your prompt response! do I need to scrub it clean from parve residue already in oven or only what might be from the hamburgers?

    1. All of it, because you can’t separate what it what.

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