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Wearing a tallis to and from shul on shabbat


Why do some wear their tallis when walking to and from shul on shabbat? If spending shabbat in a community where people put their tallis on at shul and take it off at shul, is it ok to do like that?


There are a few reasons why people would put on their taleisim before going to shul. Either because they don’t wan’t to carry it in the street on Shabbos, if there is no eruv or they don’t like the eruv. Another reason is according to kabbalah it is better to leave one’s home while wearing the tallis, (or to put it on before entering the shul). Other people, if they live in an area that has a valid eruv will put it on specifically in shul, because they don’t want to antagonize the goyim by walking with a tallis in the street. If you are in a community that does not wear their taleisim to shul and you trust the local eruv, you can take it off in shul.

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