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Violating Shabbat to help pet


B”H Thank you so much for your help. Thankfully, this question is theoretical, but realized I should know what to do in case…Regarding a family pet dog- if the animal becomes ill over Shabbat, to the point that it seems the animals life is in danger (showing symptoms that seem life threatening), what is the halacha regarding violating Shabbat to try to save it’s life? Can I drive to the pet hospital? Call the vet? Thanks very much.


It is good to make sure that you know the halachos before you are stuck in the situation and can’t ask anyone.

A Jew is not allowed to do any melacha such as driving in a car, or even a rabbinic prohibition such as calling a vet on the phone. However you would be allowed to ask a gentile to do what ever is necessary to  heal your pet.

Best wishes.


Shulchan Aruch 332-4, M:B 332-4,9.

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