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Vow annulment for not eating meat during the three weeks?


B”H Thank you so much for your help, it is tremendously appreciated. I became more observant almost six years ago, and I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to eat beef/ chicken/ turkey during the three weeks or the nine days, so for a few years, I’ve been trying (bli neder) to not eat that during the weekdays of the three weeks. I would now like to eat these foods during the weekdays of the two weeks leading up to the nine days. I did not (that I can remember) make any verbal vow regarding doing this in the past, so my question is, can I just start eating these things during the two weeks leading up to the nine days, or do I need to annul a vow, even if it was only a mental intention to continue something without a specific intent for how long to keep it…? I should also mention that I did do the vow annulments before Rosh Hashanah for the past few years, in case this helps to “nullify” any residual, unspoken intent…Thanks again.


Thank you for your question.

There is no need for you to be matir neder, or annul anything because the practice that you were doing was simply because you were making a mistake, not because you wanted to take something extra upon yourself. Therefore it is not considered a neder at all. You can start eating meat during the three weeks, until the nine days without a problem.

Best wishes


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