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Duplicate product sent



A seller who has a small company in Europe, sold me a product from his company (in such a small company he’s both owner and customer service guy) I bought it online and it didn’t arrive for 3 months.

I wrote to the seller to notify of this and he sent another package, which came on time.

Many months later, the very first package showed up. I now had a duplicate packages. My family told me not to tell him, because he lives overseas and the second package came late at his fault, so I could keep the second package. Plus, they were afraid he might want to charge us crazy amounts for shipping it back.

I felt bad about it and never opened that second package. A year later I decided I can’t listen to them on this one and I wrote to the seller to tell him what happened and that the package is still waiting unopened in the box and asked if he wants the package back to be shipped to him.

I checked the company inventory and they are still selling this product, so I thought it would be still relevant and he can resell the duplicate.

I sent 1 or 2 letters but the seller never replied….
Should I continue trying to find more ways to reach this seller and ask? How long should I try for?


Once you sent the seller proper notification to take his product, you are not obligated to do any more than that. Your returning the product to him would be considered hashovas aveida, as the product got lost in the mail. Once you notified the owner, you don’t have to notify him again.

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