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Ripped cds from the past



I found copies of cds that I made for myself as kid, by borrowing cds from the library, copying songs that I liked, and making mixed cds for myself to listen to…(of course I returned the cds to the library) is the copying part gniva? And is there something I should do to make up for it? I know it is very wrong and would not do it for chatchillah, this was many years ago and I was a teen…. now I found this very old stuff and not sure what to do about it….can I leave the matter just as is? Since I never do it anymore? And I never listen to them nowadays as well? Or must I go out and buy every one of these albums even though I am not interested at all in owning them or listening ever to them, in order to make up for the stealing of copyright?


It is controversial if it permitted to copy cd’s for private use or not. In retrospect though since it was already done, can rely on the lenient opinion and you don’t have to get rid of them or pay for them.

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