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Vaad Bayit obligation of empty apt for cleaning vs infrequent repars


In our building one of the neighbors unfortunately passed away about a year and a half ago. The yorshim have not yet been able to sell the apartment which has been sitting empty the whole time. We have two shaalos. Are the owners obligated to pay the monthly vaad bayit payments, which cover cleaning etc, for the time the dira has been empty. Secondly, the building wants to paint the hallway now. Is the empty dira obligated to give in their share. These represent two types of expenses a building can have, regular upkeep such as cleaning, and infrequent repairs and upkeep such as painting. I understood that there may be a difference between these two, that regular cleaning expenses they would not have to pay, and the infrequent type which they would have to pay into. Is this correct, or are they obligated for everything or maybe not obligated at all. Thank you.


The long term, upkeep repairs have to be paid by the yorshim, as these payments are for the upkeep of the apartment that they own. Regarding the day to day expenses, that will depend on a few factors. If they do come to the apartment from time to time, to show it to people, then they also want the hallways cleaned, etc. and they would have to pay for that part also. If they rarely come there, there are different minhagim in different places about this, and the local minhag should be followed.

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