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Pulling out Peyos


While removing peyos even one hair is an issur, if one accidently plucks out one hair from the area of his peyos, is he oveir the issur?
And are there any sources for this?
Thank you


Pulling out hairs from one’s peyos is similar to cutting it, and included in the issur according to most poskim. However  it is permitted (according to most poskim) for a man to comb his peyos even though some hairs will come. The wording of your question isn’t clear, if he is running his fingers thru his peyos and and playing with them and some hairs come out, that would be like combing them and permitted. If he is playing with his peyos and plucking hairs out, that should not be done, because it is similar to pulling them out.


Aruch Laner -Makos 29a D”H Oh, Maharam Shick – Mitzva 252-4, Minchas Chinuch 151-7, say that pulling out hairs is including in the issur. The Chasam Sofer though holds that pulling out a few hairs is not included in the issur. Regarding combing one’s hair, which most probably will pull out hairs, although R’ A. Eiger (Shavuos 2b) seems to be machmir on this, most poskim permit it, because he didn’t mean to pull them out, and because it isn’t derech hashchasa. See Chasam Sofer Y:D 130-140, Saul Shoal 100-8, Taama Dikra (Haoros from the Chazon Ish) 34, Teshuvos V’hanhagos 1-460, Orchos Rabeinu 1 pg. 201-19, Haoros Moreinu Horav Eliyashiv – Shavuos 2b, R’ Also see Peyos K’halacha  17,19.

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  1. If you have a pimple there and by popping it the hair sometimes comes out.
    Also sometimes using shampoo pulls out the hair.
    Are these things included in the issur

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