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Shiur reviis for Shabbos day Kiddush and it bracha achrona


  1. For Shabbos day kiddush and havdalah should you use the smaller shiur (86ml) or bigger shiur (150ml) for a reviis?
  2. I heard that there are shitas that you are chiyav in a bracha achrona after drinking only half a reviis (quickly enough). Does that mean when saying havdalah or Shabbos day kiddush (And then eating mezonos after instead of bread), you should drink the entire reviis so you don’t have a sufek of whether to say a bracha achrona?


  1. You can use the smaller shiur because havdalah (since you already said havdalah in shemona esrei) and kiddush in the morning are d’rabbanan. There are poskim who say to make a bracha achrona on malei lugmav, which is most of a reviis. However since it is questionable we don’t make a bracha achrona on it, and therefore we specifically make sure to drink a full reviis, so can make the bracha achrona.
  2. Yes when drinking by Shabbos day kiddush, or by havdalah you should drink a reviis in order to obligate yourself to say al hagefen. Inserting al hagefen into al hamichya if you didn’t drink a reviis is controversial, therefore it should be avoided.

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On the other hand, Chayei Adam 50-20, Orchos Rabbeinu 1- pg. 89, and Shevet Hakehosi 3-85, hold that it can be inserted.


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