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Giving presents during 3 weeks


1. We plan to give someone a thank you gift but it will probably only be available once the 3 weeks begin. We hope it will bring them simcha. Is it okay to give it during the 3 weeks? Does it matter if pushing it off would not be as good for shalom?

2. I bought a sefer for my husband, can I give it to him during the 3 weeks?

For both of these, is it better not to?


  1. It is permitted to give presents during the three weeks, but not if it is something significant enough that the person would have to make a shehechiyanu on it. If there is a special need, that has to be evaluated on an individual basis.
  2. It is permitted to give a sefer as a present, because it usually  does not require saying a bracha on it.


M:B 551-45, The Three Weeks pg. 45

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